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Watching Disney in French

While I don’t love all of the Disney animated “classics”, there are quite a few that I really enjoy and that I would watch over and over again. (Albeit, not as much as parents of small children…) When I was … Continue reading

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In Defense of “Spoiled” Brats

One of the remaining acceptable targets of derision – in fiction as well as reality –  is the so-called “spoiled” person. The phrase is often used in one of three ways: 1. on its own (i.e. The child has been … Continue reading

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Prehistory Done Wrong

Armstrong, Luanne. (2013). Morven and the Horse Clan. Winnipeg, MB : Great Plains Teen Fiction. 173 pgs. Set in the steppes of Kazakhstan in 3500 BC, Morven and the Horse Clan is the story of a teenaged outcast who finds … Continue reading

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Reading in Translation — Schoolwork or Entertainment?

Reading works in translation is either a pedagogical exercise or undertaken for pleasure, but rarely both.  Reading something translated word-for-word (or in close proximity thereof) might be great for learning a new language or for increasing one’s proficiency in said … Continue reading

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