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Loyalties – The Grand Ballroom

copyright 2017 Susan had hardly ever gone inside the Grand Ballroom, as her aunt called the large salon off of her dining room. Once in a while, she had gone in there to dust when she was helping Ramona with … Continue reading

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Now What?

copyright 2017 After a long voyage, After losing everything, After risking my life to survive, Now what? After saying yes, After exchanging vows, After pinning my hopes to a stranger, Now what? After the ship sails, After the sun begins … Continue reading

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Well, It’s Not a Documentary…

Something that I have written about often is historical fiction and, in particular, how history is portrayed in film. But something that has bothered me is the attitude that, when confronted with a film (or book or play, for that … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

My class seems to have been one of the few that didn’t read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in high school. Because this play contains a lot of famous lines, I knew how it went (not to mention that I had at … Continue reading

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Lack of Written Words

I have been thinking a lot lately about historical evidence. In the study of history, much focus is put on the written word. Usually, the term “prehistory” is used to refer to events that took place prior to the adoption … Continue reading

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Putting Panem Back Together

At the end of The Hunger Games trilogy, the question is posed as to whether a final televised bloodthirsty Hunger Games contest should be staged; this time, the Capitol’s children would be forced to participate while the Districts watched and … Continue reading

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Out of the Frying Pan…

I will admit that I am definitely not the most qualified person to pontificate about the Brexit. Canada, while still having close ties to Europe and the United Kingdom in particular, has an ocean and a century-and-a-half of history between … Continue reading

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