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Back to the Start

Season 12– Murdoch Mysteries MURDOCH MYSTERIES Season 12, Episodes 1-5 (Murdoch Mystery Mansion) (Operation: Murder)(My Big Fat Mimico Wedding) (Murdoch Without Borders)(The Spy Who Loved Murdoch) After eleven seasons, it is hard to keep a detective series fresh. There are … Continue reading

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We’re All Gone Now

copyright 2018 We’re all gone now. When we left, it was for many reasons. Some wanted adventure, Some wanted a steady job, Some wanted glory, Some wanted the chance to go home to the Old Country, Some wanted to see … Continue reading

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The man stared into his drink on the counter, his uniform ratty and unrecognizable.  He was not a very remarkable-looking man at first glance – very ordinary, the very everyday-hominess that made him seem friendly and approachable.  In another life, … Continue reading

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Reflections on the 100th Anniversary of the First World War

The first week of August is a busy one.  As far as anniversaries go, the two most defining wars of the twentieth century (or really, the two halves of the same defining war) began and ended at the beginning of … Continue reading

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