About Katy Konservativ

First and foremost, Katy is not Katy in person.  Also, no ties to any political parties or movements whatsoever.  I have no agenda that I wish to advance through this blog.

Second, I’m a Saskatchewanian (who spent enough time out of province to qualify as a British Columbian for a few years, and who spent two years in Nova Scotia and a year in Ontario) whose parents are seventh-generation New Brunswickers.

Third, I love cats.  If I could have any avatar, I would be a cat curled up with a book next to a warm fireplace.

Fourth, I’m an Eastern Orthodox Christian.  Convert, at that, so I’ve had the debates.  While this colours my view of things and I will proudly admit that, as I said above, I have no agenda.

God bless y’all!

Katherine “Katy Konservativ” Gilks

Master of Library and Information Sciences, 2011

Bachelor of Arts, Major in History (Minor in Russian Studies), 2008


4 Responses to About Katy Konservativ

  1. Cass Teague says:

    thanks for bringing up “winter finales’… I am American, live in Nashville. Love TV, esp. British and Canadian shows. Myfaves now are Flashpoint, and i loved Edgemont and Cold Squad, among others. I have visited Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and really do enjoy being in Canada. Had a blast at FanExpo inToronto in August… Check out my Facebook page, and be well! It’s the one with me and Amanda Tapping 😉
    Cass Teague

  2. Cass Teague says:

    Here’s the FB icon and should have a link!

  3. JoAnne Henry says:

    Hi “Katy”! I came here because of your reviews about Murdoch Mysteries! I view them on Netflix and we only have them up to series 7. I actually love spoilers as they only make me look forward to screening the real thing! Peace!

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