Eternal Love on a Summer’s Evening

copyright 2018

The sun sets behind the trees,
The river flows calmly on,
The insects are buzzing,
The birds are singing,
The air is gentle and warm.

Supper has been cooked and eaten,
The smell of woodsmoke and fish linger –
Well, fish has a habit of doing that,
It is a calm evening,
Restful after a long day of work.

It is a tiny cabin beside the river,
A happy pair of newlyweds
Sit together outside the door,
Gazing into the sunset,
Thinking of the past, and hoping for the future.

They don’t see the young man
Sitting on the far riverbank,
Happy to know they are safe,
Proud to call them family,
And showing the little boy at his side his new home.

When next the boy would see it,
It would be covered in snow,
The river would be frozen,
And it would be endless white,
The fire would be roaring as best as his father could keep it.

And when next the summer came,
The boy would be almost big enough
To test his wobbly legs on the grass,
Causing his mother terror
That he would fall into the water.

But the boy would have a long life,
Not that his parents yet knew it,
Someday he would build
A grand house and farm
Where once the cabin had stood.

The young man would keep watch from the riverbank and woods,
Upon the namesake who would never meet him in life.

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