Once Upon a Time – Season 7: To Watch or Not…?

I admit, I was ambivalent about watching Once Upon a Time’s seventh season. On one hand, the story wrapped up nicely after six seasons and the book was over. It would have been a perfectly good time to give the show up.

On the other hand, I was still curious to know what would happen next. There are always more story threads to unravel, after all. Inevitably, in the non-fiction world, most of us occasionally wonder what has become of people whom we lose contact with. (Facebook has been a great tool to alleviate that, but it is also proof of concept.) Or, one hears about someone dying and then asks about their family. What happened to their kids that we vaguely heard about? What about their spouse? We always want news and gossip. We want stories, and the same goes for our fictional characters.

So far – I admit that I have only watched clips and will catch up later – the new season feels like a sequel written by the same author of a favourite book. There is always the chance that the new book will spoil one’s enjoyment of the old one, or that it will alter the personalities of beloved characters (or put them into non-entertaining situations or non-preferred romantic pairings). But there is equally the chance that the new story will be just as captivating as the previous one and expand on the characters that we have already grown to love. It is like a wedding – bringing new families together and mixing them with new faces. It is making the family larger, not tearing it apart.

So I have decided that I will at least give the new season a try soon. The setting looks promising, the characters intriguing, and the storyline interesting. However, of what I have already seen, it does feel like going to university after high school – more of the same and yet completely different. There is a new curse and once again we are dealing with characters who don’t remember who they are. A ten-year-old child is trying to get her parents to believe that the stories in her book are real. An evil villain with a tragic backstory is making life miserable for our heroes. Didn’t I watch this story already?

Still, what’s going to happen?

I do like seeing Henry as an adult and am glad that we missed his later teen years. I also like seeing Regina (or her alter ego) in the role of the motherly advice-giver. As for the new characters, they are interesting in their own right, but I have not had the chance to really get to know them yet. I will reserve judgement until I have watched a bit more. I admit that unlike the previous seasons, I am not in much of a hurry.

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