Windswept Harbour

copyright 2017

I look out over the windswept sea,
Waves bobbing along toward the shore,
Boats moving dauntingly across –
Determined to reach their catch
And then drag it home to us.

The trees dance and the river roars,
Freshwater crashes into the salt,
And the seabirds still manage to fly,
Below, the people keep walking,
Only slightly unnerved.

I turn my gaze to the skies –
White with patches of bright blue,
The sun tries to warm my face,
But the wind makes it cold again
And I wrap my shawl around my shoulders.

This is my sea, my city, my river,
Yet I cannot command it to obey,
Any more than I can command the wind;
I stand as a proud guardian of them,
Showing the sky that I am grateful.

No crown pinches my head,
No stares, no questions, no demands,
The wind refreshes me and I hold my ground,
This is my home and I will not ride or sail away,
I will gaze upon the sea until my eyes no longer can.

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