One Last Look

copyright 2017

The sun is rising behind us,
Even as it sets on all we have known,
Ahead is nothing but dreams,
Guided only by hope and prayer,
We are chased from our home,
To seek out a new one.

The rising sun blurs the past,
Casting shadows over the land
That our lives used to revolve around,
I try to look once more,
But all I see is sunlight,
And my eyes are blurred with tears.

We can carry a lot, but still so much is left,
The homes we lived in,
Our families’ graves, our gardens,
The places where we gathered together,
And where we will never gather again,
Beside our river and streams.

The unfamiliar land is before us,
Similar and yet unknown,
How long before none of us recognise it,
And we are lost?

Our children will never know this world,
This life that we have had for years,
They see nothing but sunshine
Illuminating the darkness ahead.

I take one last look and turn back,
Facing the path that the sun has given us,
Ahead is yet only a hopeful dream,
But I am determined to see it become true.

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