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One Last Look

copyright 2017 The sun is rising behind us, Even as it sets on all we have known, Ahead is nothing but dreams, Guided only by hope and prayer, We are chased from our home, To seek out a new one. … Continue reading

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Who did I think he was?

Who did I think he was? Some kind of great hero? A leader who would overthrow the state? A leader who would become the state – And who would have me at his right hand? Oh, let’s face it, that … Continue reading

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Family Drama & An Alternate Happy Ending

ONCE UPON A TIME Season 6, Episodes 13 & 14 (Ill-Boding Patterns)(Page 23) Much like in the first season of the show, while the story arc continues throughout the episodes, each individual episode tells a self-contained story that furthers along … Continue reading

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