Wind, Rain, Woods, & Fire

copyright 2017

If I could run, I would,
But I am lost amid the wind and rain,
Trapped in torrents,
Surrounded by woods,
Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go.

It feels familiar, yet strange,
I know that I have been here before,
But the trees are the same,
The clouds are thick,
And I do not know which way to turn.

The wind howls in my ears,
I have no sense of time or place,
Simply that I am cold,
Frightened and confused,
Very much alone, yet surrounded by spirits.

Animals have hidden,
It is the spirits that I have to fear,
The people are safe,
Warm and dry,
But I am lost – and yet, at peace.

I want to let the wind carry me,
I want to melt into the rain,
I want to disappear into the woods,
I want to blend into a warm fire.

This is my world, my home,
My spirit will never leave the woods,
My kind are safe,
My kind are joyful,
We will remain…

We will remain.


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