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Now What?

copyright 2017 After a long voyage, After losing everything, After risking my life to survive, Now what? After saying yes, After exchanging vows, After pinning my hopes to a stranger, Now what? After the ship sails, After the sun begins … Continue reading

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Watching Disney in French

While I don’t love all of the Disney animated “classics”, there are quite a few that I really enjoy and that I would watch over and over again. (Albeit, not as much as parents of small children…) When I was … Continue reading

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Having Fun With Side Characters

MURDOCH MYSTERIES Season 10, Episodes 13 & 14 (The Missing)(Mr. Murdoch’s Neighbourhood)  These two episodes are much more well-balanced in tone than the previous two. Overall, the mysteries in each are classic whodunits, the main characters get a chance to … Continue reading

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Starting Off the Year with Mood Whiplash

MURDOCH MYSTERIES Season 10, Episodes 11 & 12 (The Devil Inside)(A Murdog Mystery)  The first episode back after the winter break was sufficiently creepy and mysterious to keep my attention, even if it heavily featured flashbacks from previous seasons. The … Continue reading

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