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Orphan Black – Season 2 (April-June 2014)

Once again, the creators and actors in Orphan Black have told a tale that is a perfect blend of frightening realism and action-packed fantasy.  Over the course of ten episodes, the writers wrap up the cliffhangers from the last season … Continue reading

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Courageous (2011)

Films are stories and works of art – by nature, they have no religion. Therefore, “Christian films” are often hard to enjoy as films in of themselves. The message tends to overwhelm the story. While I am all for stories … Continue reading

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Helluva Friday Night Movie – Wolfcop (2014)

Sometimes, you watch a movie just to have fellowship with friends or family, to spend some time with your significant other, or to relax after a long week.  The film itself?  Really, it could YouTube videos of dogs chasing Frisbees.  … Continue reading

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The Sinking of the Empress of Ireland – 100th Anniversary (May 29, 2014)

Only a week and a half after the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Empress of Ireland did I find any type of commemorative mention of the event – namely, a stamp collection at the post office. There was … Continue reading

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