Week J – Short & Sweet

2013-2014 Castle cast Season 6CASTLE

Season 6, Episode 10 (The Good, the Bad, and the Baby)

Considering how dark and horrifying last week’s episode was, this week’s Castle was a refreshing holiday heist.  This year’s chosen holiday episode was Thanksgiving, and thankfully it was not about pilgrims or even much about extended family sweetness and hijinks.

Instead, Castle and Beckett find themselves looking after a baby who ends up in the custody of the NYPD after being brought into a church by a dying man.  While they work to solve the said man’s murder, the team spends time cooing over the baby and after five seasons, we finally find out which characters are “baby people.”  Hearing Lanie deliver her forensic report while talking to the baby was priceless!  Meanwhile, Castle grew concerned that Beckett was not interacting with the baby much.  As it turned out, Beckett found the baby intimidating, but she clearly wanted one eventually, putting to rest Castle’s insecure flashbacks of being left alone with Alexis.

This episode, while an interesting mystery, was primarily about Castle and Beckett taking their relationship up a notch.  While they are already engaged and one would think that having had such a long courtship, they would have already discussed the idea of children, this was clearly the first time they seriously approached the topic in considering their own future.  Both of them clearly want children together, but both have their insecurities regarding them.  Beckett has never been around babies much and worries that she might not be able to handle them, while Castle had to virtually singlehandedly raise Alexis and worried that he might have to do the same thing again.  He also was much more comfortably handling the baby than the adult woman that Alexis has become.  Perhaps they should consider a cat or dog first?


2013-4 Murdoch Mysteries Season7 castMURDOCH MYSTERIES

Season 7, Episode 8 (Republic of Murdoch)

images2How to cross over between Republic of Doyle and Murdoch Mysteries?  Surprisingly easily – have a mysterious ne’er-do-well show up looking suspiciously like Jake Doyle in Edwardian clothing, having him run away from the scene of the crime, have Crabtree chase him, have Doyle (whose name, we find out, is Jacob Doyle – likely Jake’s great-great-uncle) whack Crabtree with a board, and have Murdoch and Crabtree head out after both Doyle and another wanted murderer to the independent Newfoundland.

MURDOCH_708main index2We are treated to beautiful scenery, amusing chases, delightful music, and we finally get to meet Crabtree’s aunts.  The story has pirate treasure, rum, and a fight scene with both Doyle and Murdoch against a dozen others.  Unfortunately, the map is lost and no treasure is found, much to Doyle’s dismay.  (Oh well, his descendants aren’t too badly off.)  However, it makes for a nice trip and a refreshing change of pace.

MM_S7_E8_preview_zpsabb0bd90 images3One of my favourite episodes to date!

index Republic of Doyle bannerREPUBLIC OF DOYLE

Season 5, Episode 8 (Young Guns)

This episode offers a refreshing hostage situation – still stereotypical, but nonetheless one with a few plot twists to keep the audience guessing.  Jake and Mal, along with Jake’s new girlfriend, an inept security guard, and nine university students, are trapped by two hostage-takers who firstly seem to be robbers who have seen too many movies.  Meanwhile, Des hunts for an apartment so that he and Tinny can move forward in their relationship, while Rose wonders what strange scheme Sloan has been up to.

All three plots are solved succinctly: the hostage-takers are caught, Des gets his apartment, and Sloan reveals that she has been getting a DNA test to determine whether Jake is her father.  In doing so, Sloan continues on the storyline that began with Tinny at the end of Season 3 (unfortunately for Sloan, her mother is dead and can’t fill her in at the last moment) – and I can’t help but not trust her.  Still, this is a new development in the show for Jake and would be someone to concentrate on now that Leslie is out of the picture.  I can’t help but think that the writers went off in the wrong direction this season.  The episodes themselves are fun, but the dramatic storylines after the introduction of Sloan and of Leslie’s former husband Callum have been less than convincing.  It will be interesting to see where they writers have gone with the whole season.  Will Sloan or Callum be sticking around past the end of the season finale?  Or will their arcs be finished?


At least we have the adorable couple of Des and Tinny to watch.

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