Week 30 – Finale Fireworks

Thus ends the 2012-2013 television season, or at least my regular viewing of it.

Season finales should be the type of thing that you feel really good about, but want more.  Not only do you want to feel like you have not wasted an hour of your life, as can be passable for a regular weekly episode, but that you actually enjoyed yourself for the hour – and the whole year by extension.

They also need to wrap up multiple plotlines and create a good story in of themselves.  This can be hard to do and sometimes very obvious to the viewer.  Like the date who dresses to the nines for a movie or pays for the most expensive food at the restaurant, the season finale uses the best effects and the most dramatic storylines.  After all, there is a long break wherein we might lose interest without our good memories.


ONCE UPON A TIME – Season 2 Finale

Season 2, Episode 22 (And Straight On Til Morning) (For Part I, see here.)

To the sea, matey!  Captain Hook finally gets to act!

Season2 Episode22 (Captain Hook)

The season finale of Once Upon a Time did not disappoint, although I personally did not think there was enough of Captain Hook.  Overall, the plot was tied up (rather quickly, as is prone to happen when one suddenly realises one has to wind down a long and convoluted story in short order), the characters’ arcs concluded as promised, and the writers successfully closed the book on Season 2 and moved on to a new story.  In other words, great date and we’re definitely going out again.

As far as the actual characters are concerned, here’s my heavily-paraphrased take on their thoughts at the finale’s end [SPOILERS AHEAD]:

Henry: “Hey!  Do you even know who you’re dealing with?  Help!”

Season2 Episode22 (Emma)

Emma: “Whatever I did worked – great, but I don’t care because Henry is missing.”

Snow White: “Let’s get our family back together.”

Season2 Episode22 (Charmings)

Prince Charming: “Why does getting our family together always involve making deals with people who want to kill us?”

Season2 Episode22 (Gold)

Rumplestiltskin: “I’m not going to be a coward anymore.”

Season2 Episode22 (leavingforNeverland)

Captain Hook: “I’m going to care about someone else besides myself.  Not sure if this is really a good idea yet.”


Regina: “Did I actually die and go to Hell?  Because I’m trapped on a ship with three people I can’t stand, two people I don’t mind but can’t trust, and the only person that I really love and who loves me is missing.”


Belle: “You’re leaving me in charge of the town?  That’s going to work out so well, what with several kings around.”

September will come soon enough, if how quickly May has gone by is any indication.

Season2 Episode22 (Snow Henry Charming)


CASTLE – Season 5 Finale

Season 5, Episode 24 (Watershed)

In contrast, Castle’s season finale started out just like any other episode of the show: dead body found in first two minutes, mystery to solve, Castle facing family crisis.  That’s the type of show it is, really – predictable but fun.

Season5 Episode24 (crime scene)

However, the major crisis facing Castle and Beckett’s relationship in this episode is whether or not either of them are ready to move beyond dating with benefits.  If they are only dating with benefits, Beckett is under no obligation to tell Castle about her career plans – certainly not before they pan out.  I could sympathise with her not telling him about getting a job offer or going for an interview until after the fact, even with the job being in another city.  If it is a longshot (which I believe she was telling herself it was), than there is no point in discussing it.  However, their relationship is not merely dating with benefits.  Castle, at least, was thinking that they were going somewhere further.

At this point, I wondered why Castle never considered that his job, for all he is based in New York, is rather portable.  Washington D.C. is not that far from New York, so he could still travel there.  He is wealthy enough to probably afford to keep his loft and rent it out to his mother and/or daughter while still being able to buy something for himself and Beckett in D.C.  While many people would be hurt in Castle’s situation, his reaction seemed a little short-sighted.


Nonetheless, this crisis gives Castle the kick in the pants to do something about his relationship with Beckett – and in the last scene, he does just that.  Beckett gets her wish to be asked to be Mrs. Castle.  But is that still what she wants?  We’ll find out in September.

In other news of the finale, all of the main cast members were featured in this episode and got a chance to shine.  The scenes between these characters and between them and the main duo were especially touching and had more emotional impact than the romantic tension between Castle and Beckett.

Finally, the opening scene was nightmarish.  Blood and gore coming through the shower?  Especially if you’re hung over or still tripped up.  I can imagine at least one hotel guest is perpetually nervous of taking a shower now.  Made for a great visual, though.  Certainly got us interested in another date.

But first, summer!

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