Week 28 – Really Needing to Sort Out Priorities



Season 2, Episode 20 (The Evil Queen)

Season2 Episode20 (Queen & Snow)

How did the Evil Queen really become the Evil Queen?  This is the episode where Queen Regina realises that she can’t get anyone to love her by force or fear, so she decides to simple be who everyone thinks she is.  The Queen has only wanted to be loved, but she genuinely believes that she can force people to love her – even Henry, for whom she would give up everything if it meant she could have him for herself.  She really doesn’t understand how evil her plotting is anymore.  Being evil has simply become the way she is used to being seen.   It is heartbreaking and creepy to watch.  It’s too bad Hook is such a selfish git, because they both really ought to just sail off into the sunset together.

Season2 Episode20 (Mendell & Hook)

For a character study episode, they definitely packed in a lot of action.  Snow White has a fight with palace guards, while in Storybrooke, Hook has a run-in with a very much undead Maleficient.  Greg and Tamara are also on a mission to capture Regina (who may merely be the first person on their hit list, so Emma is right to be concerned about them), with Hook as a bit of a free-agent in the mix.  Emma and Henry are back as a team solving a mystery, which is great because that is how their relationship is best.  Emma is much more of a cool aunt to Henry than a mother.

Season2 Episode20 (Regina & Henry)

Next week is the beginning of the two-part season finale, starting with Neal having daddy issues with Rumplestiltskin and Regina being tortured by Greg and Tamara, while in the past young Baelfire has a run-in with Neverland.  Definitely exciting!

But first, Orthodox Holy Week and Easter.



Season 5, Episode 21 (Still)

So this is the review of the episode that I didn’t get to see due to some skewy scheduling.   However, from other reviews, I think it will be enjoyable when I do get around to seeing it.  (Likely next week.)

Speaking of priorities, this episode is primarily clips from previous episodes, chronicling the relationship between Castle and Beckett from the first season onward.  These flashbacks are strung together by the narrative of Castle keeping Becket calm while she is standing on a pressure bomb – quite literally on the brink of death.  Chronologically, this episode takes place before last week’s, and perhaps that is why Beckett was so frustrated with Castle seemingly taking her for granted.  After all, she had nearly died the previous week, and she had finally told him that she loved him!  Then again, on this show (like many crime shows), “nearly dying” is a standard routine.

Perhaps the lack of much of a present-day narrative would be off-putting, but in a world of entertainment where action and special effects sell tickets, having an episode where the main characters don’t really go anywhere is refreshing.  Stage plays have mesmerized audiences for centuries not because they had amazing special effects – although they did, for the time – but because they had interesting characters and put them in awkward situations.  Yes, these episodes do not sell the tickets that action-packed spectacles do, but they keep loyal audiences.  After all, viewers keep watching Castle every week to see the leads solve mysteries and become a couple.  Flashback episodes remind us what it was like before.  But now, where are they going?


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2 Responses to Week 28 – Really Needing to Sort Out Priorities

  1. Storm says:

    With Once Upon a Time, I think the whole way Regina/Henry’s relationship is being treated is kind of over the top in regards to Henry completely turning on Regina. This is the first episode where I saw Henry kind of treat Regina like the mother she has been to him, by asking her to come to the enchanted kingdom. I always thought it was weird Henry was completely into going with Emma, and I completely agree, Emma is a better Aunt than mother. Also, how much do you love the Evil queen outfits? I love them. I guess, despite her being the Evil Queen, I feel bad for Regina. He beloved was murdered, her mother never cared for her because she didn’t have a heart, forced to marry someone who she didn’t care for, then her adopted son is ripped away from her. She is really a tragic character.

    • katiamarieka says:

      Sorry I took so long to reply. I agree on all counts. She chose to embrace the Evil Queen persona, but she did not actually want to be evil in the first place. I think the writers have been a bit inconsistent with Henry, but the intent was probably that in the first season, he really wanted to rebel against his mom’s control. When he ate the turnover, he went to that fiery room and realised that although he was angry at her, he really loved his mother. This is a kid with no friends, after all. He had faith that one of his moms would rescue him, which turned out to be Emma because she kissed him first. That’s why there is such a change from the first season to the second regarding Henry’s attitude toward Regina. Still, he likes the Charmings more because they are like friends, while Regina is his mom first.

      I love the Queen’s outfits too, although I wouldn’t want to wear most of them for a long time. Apparently, the actress who plays her can’t even eat when she has them on. I actually like most of Regina’s wardrobe in Storybrooke more, particularly the dresses. Emma’s outfit made for an easier Hallowe’en costume, though.

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