Week 27 – Beginning of the End


REPUBLIC OF DOYLE – Two-Part Season Finale

Season 4, Episodes 12 & 13 (Return of the Kingpin) (What Doesn’t Kill You)

Well, not quite as perilous an ending as last year, but certainly much more interesting!

This season of Republic of Doyle went out with a splash.  Specifically, [SPOILER ALERT] the splash of waves as one of the main characters is carried off in a shipping crate, destination unknown.

Episode 413

The two-part season finale starts with a prison escape that leaves the city of St. John’s virtually under martial law as the police struggle to apprehend over a hundred convicts at large, and then having to deal with where to put them once they are caught again.  The kingpin in charge of the escape drags along Kevin Crocker (Tinny’s father), and the two of them rope Jake into chasing them, kidnapping Tinny in the process.  Throughout, we can never be sure which side Crocker is on.  Tinny holds her own as the newly-minted cop and, while she is stubborn about it, it is plain to see that the rest of the Doyle clan has not realised how capable she has become.  It is the peril of being the baby of the family, I suppose.  Everyone wants to protect her, including her flighty mother, who actually confronts her daughter and admits to her how much she means to her.

Episode 412

On the romantic front, Des is stricken with jealously over Tinny’s police partner – which is not unfounded when he intercepts them in a romantic interlude.  We are left wondering if those two will ever see eye to eye – in the first two seasons, Des had a crush on Tinny and she spurned him; in the third season, Tinny liked Des, but Des had moved on; in this past season, Des was too hopped up on medicine from being shot to care (until the last couple of episodes) and Tinny had moved on.  Next season, perhaps?  Or has the ship sailed entirely?

On the other romantic front, Jake has finally matured enough to admit that if Leslie moved to Ottawa for work, he would follow her.  They can see a future together, only to have it dashed in the last few scenes.

Like all episodes of Republic of Doyle, there is a nice blend of humour and action amid the familial and romantic drama.  We have car chases, explosions, holdups, and fist-fights.  The car survives this season, thankfully – although she is lacking a driver for the present.

The best news?  The new season will start up again in the fall, and it will have 16 episodes!

On the other hand, that’s still at least five months for the poor character in the shipping crate.




Season 2, Episode 19 (Lacey)

Definitely a good way to start off the final act of the season!  As intended, nothing got resolved, but plenty of good character moments were to be had, and enough plotlines were set up or carried on with to get the audience intrigued for what is going to play out in the next three weeks.

Indeed, the only resolution in this episode dealt with the relationship between Belle and Rumplestiltskin in the past.  We learn more of how their relationship developed and how Belle brought out the good side of the Dark One.  In a nod to the Disney film, Belle even gets her library.

Season2 Episode19 (BelleLacey & Gold)

As for the rest of the characters:

The Charmings (well, do they even have a real last name?) are torn between staying in Storybrooke and going back to the Enchanted Forest now that magic beans to make a portal between worlds are becoming a reality.  Prince Charming and Snow White want to go back – Charming because he wants to save his homeland and Snow because she wants to heal herself.  Emma is reluctant, since all she knows of the Old Country is war and danger.  Neal is even less inclined to go back, since his childhood was terrible and he does not yet realise that Tamara is double-crossing him.  Henry would probably love to fight ogres and such, if he even knew half of the plan.

Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold is trying to win back Belle’s heart – except that Belle is no longer Belle, but Lacey, who is much more into his dark side and hanging out at the bar.  This is especially a problem since Mr. Gold is struggling with the fact that he thinks he needs to kill Henry to save himself.  Belle would have talked him out of it.  Lacey might not.

Regina is now entirely alone, but having reached a sort of truce with Snow White and still hoping to get Henry back, she is free to go about her business.  Since she has been schemed with her whole life, she naturally falls back on scheming to making everyone miserable, but she mostly feels out of the loop.  She is the last to find out that Henry is Rumplestiltskin’s grandson, while she senses that something is up with the Charmings that threatens her.  When she discovers the hidden field of magic beans, we don’t find out what is going through her mind, but surely it is something along the lines of “they’re going to steal Henry from me!”  Even her miserable, but comfortable, life in Storybrooke is seemingly at an end.

Finally, Tamara and Owen have a plan that involves Captain Hook.

This episode mostly focuses on Belle and Rumplestiltskin, both in the past and in the present.  The other plots are revealed with a scene or two here and there, but with enough weight to have us on the edge of our seat until next week.  Hopefully, Rumplestiltskin is too occupied with Belle/Lacey to worry too much about Henry.  As for the next installment of the story, it is the Evil Queen’s turn for centre stage.



Season 5, Episode 22 (The Squab and the Quail)

With only three more episodes left, Castle is building up to its season finale.  This year, the ongoing story has focused on Castle and Beckett’s relationship, specifically how it has evolved now that they have officially become a couple.  It started with them waking up in bed together after Beckett finally admitted that she loved Castle, and their relationship steadily progressed until…well…they’re simply a couple.  It’s been a year, plus four years of being “sort of just friends with lots of sexual tension.”  Now what?

Likely as not, the last few episodes will keep asking this question.  Perhaps this year’s cliffhanger will be whether or not they get engaged?

This episode [aired out of order] sees Beckett realising that her relationship with Castle has become routine.  She feels that he is taking her for granted – although she is taking him for granted too, in a different way.  More precisely, she is wondering if she is ever going to be Mrs. Castle Number Three, or even asked.  They have been an item for long enough – the audience does not know how long that Castle’s previous courtships and marriages lasted, but I bet Beckett does.  Is the long relationship a sign that they have staying power?  Is Castle just afraid to jinx things by asking her to marry him?  Does he just think she isn’t ready, or isn’t into marriage?  Is he not ready?  Does he not want to marry her?  Are they just going for common-law?

Poor Castle only thinks that she is upset because he was ignoring her and taking her for granted in a physical and romantic way.  His solution – after being suitably jealous of their attempted murder victim’s attention to Beckett – was to prepare a romantic night for her.  It was beautiful, and a good start, but not really what she was looking for.  As Martha pointed out, there was no ring on her finger.

As for the murder plot?  Well, it was the usual intrigue.  The supporting cast were entertaining: Lanie swooning and fantasizing over the British tycoon that Beckett was in charge of protecting; Esposito and Ryan were annoying Castle by being nonchalant over his jealousy; Gates was even good for a laugh at how upset she was over the tycoon’s breach of protocol.  Beckett was offered temptation in the form of a rich, handsome man who seemingly appreciated her – and flatly refused.

She wants to be Mrs. Castle Number Three, after all.


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