Week 19 – Going Up Against the Academy



Season 4, Episode 7 (In Brigus)

If you’re going up against the Academy Awards, go for broke.  Not to disappoint, the Doyles went on a field trip this week to Brigus, NL, which was a pleasant change of scenery and pace from St. John’s, although I find all of the scenery in this show beautiful.


It was about time that Jake and Leslie decided that they were boyfriend and girlfriend and introduced themselves as such.  The main plot of the episode involved the death of Leslie’s estranged father – a death which was, naturally for a detective series, quite suspicious.  We also got to meet her estranged sister.  In many ways, this was a very clever and unusual “meet the folks” episode.

Poor Des got hit with the same paperweight twice.  Why is he suddenly so much of a clown and little else?  Did getting shot really mess him up that much?  I would think that was possible, since he has slower reaction time and seems to be on an entirely different page than everyone else.  Side effects from medication, perhaps?  Good on this show for portraying a character who was not good as new after the credits, but the joke is a little old now.

Finally, this episode also gave us the confrontation we had been waiting for ever since the reveal in the final moments of last year’s season finale: Jake vs. his old partner Kevin Crocker, also known as Tinny’s father.  In a bid to get Jake to attack him (likely a step in some plan to either get out of prison or get out of being transferred), Crocker insults just about every member of the Doyle family.  To his credit, Jake does not take the bait initially, but goes to town on him for insulting Tinny herself.  Watching the confrontation is akin to waiting for a rumbling volcano to erupt, and I look forward to seeing the fallout.



Season 6, Episode 7 (The Ghost of Queen’s Park)

Even in February, there’s nothing like a good ghost story.  The main plot is a fantastic tale of spooks and apparitions in the Ontario provincial parliament buildings, where two men are killed seemingly by a glowing blue figure.  Murdoch stretches the limits of his scientific knowledge in an effort to prove that the killer is not a ghost, while Crabtree is convinced that it is to the point of engaging in extra-curricular sleuthing with Dr. Grace.  As it turns out, everyone is somewhat right.

In a nod to continuity in the series, Murdoch and Dr. Grace discuss their past experiences with out of body excursions, while Crabtree and Dr. Grace discuss their relationship and how it will progress since their now-or-never kiss in the previous episode.  Dr. Ogden’s soon-to-be-ex-husband also makes a reappearance and we get a glimpse of what their relationship might have been like when it began – happy but not passionate.

I took issue with Dr. Ogden’s line that she wished that she and Murdoch could be together and the world would not care.  The line made sense in context, but the way it was delivered and written made it seem like the writers were deliberately making reference to modern times.  The thing is, even in the twenty-first century, people care when a couple gets divorced.  They care about adultery.  Nowadays, getting a divorce is easier and seen as entirely normal, but it is still wrong to cheat on your spouse.  Dr. Ogden openly dating Det. Murdoch while her divorce was not yet finalized would not be ignored.  On the other hand, she would be entirely accepted for divorcing her husband because she was no longer in love with him and she might not have rushed into marriage for the sake of appearances in the first place.



Season  5, Episode 14 (Hunt)

Part two of two: Castle tracks down Alexis in Paris with the help of shady characters, one of whom (SPOILER ALERT) is his father.  Their reunion is short and sweet, and due to the nature of Grandpa Castle’s work, all too brief.  Nonetheless, things are seemingly back to normal for the next episode in a few weeks, and we will get our lovable Castle back.  Furthermore, he knows who his dad is now, whether or not he told his mother about him remains to be seen.  As far as Martha knew, she had a one-night stand and the guy vanished the next day.  Whether or not she would be better off knowing why he vanished is up to the viewer.  If I were her, I would like to have some explanation, but after forty-odd years, I doubt it would matter much, other than knowing that indeed, the father of my son knew about him and was proud of how well I had raised him.

Beckett also investigates as much as she can, but having Castle go rogue and Alexis missing definitely takes a toll on her.  She rightly tells Castle not to leave her out again, which is especially important in that when Alexis was involved, Castle built barricades between her and the women in his life, but with Beckett, he is willing not to shut her out.  Luckily, Alexis is grown up and doesn’t need a second mother, but Castle cannot build a barricade between his role as father and role of boyfriend and hope to make the relationship work.  Beckett is his family now too.

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