NEW YEAR’S EVE, 1899/1900



Season 5, Episode 13 (Twentieth Century Murdoch)

This might have very well been the last episode of Murdoch Mysteries, had the CBC not intervened and picked up the show for a sixth season.  When they were planning the episode, the writers did not know what the future would be.  The story reflects that sense of finality.  If this had indeed been the end of the show, this would have been a fitting end.  It had intrigue, science, steampunk, mystery, and a nice sentimental ending at the Policemen’s New Year’s Eve Ball.

A brief summary: Det. Murdoch and Const. Crabtree are going about their usual business of catching criminals when they come across a man who insists that he has been the future and that he needs to prevent crimes from occurring.  Their investigation leads them to a scientist who claims to have invented a time machine that can travel to 1912.  Because of the upcoming new year (being 1900), there is a lot of buzz about town about the future and the new century.  What does it mean?  Where is society going?  What does it mean for the characters’ personal lives?  Not surprisingly, the time machine becomes a media sensation.


Murdoch is a scientific man (although also religious, which is a rare combination in a character), so he can’t help investigating the time machine.  His personal life and professional life come crashing together, leading to a satisfying (if abrupt) conclusion that hopefully will be further explored in the next season.

Meanwhile, Crabtree has to figure out how to ask Dr. Grace to the ball…

Until the new year!

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