Euro Cup 2012 Update — Final Game Set-up

Yay! Italy beat Germany! (cue dancing)

I’m not sure why I was expressively not cheering for Germany. They having been playing well, have a complement of handsome and talented players, and I have some German ancestry to boot. Meanwhile, the last member of my family tree to be Spanish or Italian was…well, I don’t know, but probably a Roman citizen. Still, Germany was having too good of a year, and they are once again currently the bullies of Europe on the political front. They have all of the money in Europe — they don’t need a soccer trophy too.

I’m slightly disappointed that none of my favourite teams made it, although I neglected to mention that Spain was my fifth-favourite team. Although I usually cheer for the underdog, I’m now cheering for Spain because it would be the first time that a country has won three consecutive titles. That would be quite a feat!

So on Sunday, bring on the sangria and the margaritas, and Viva Espana!

(Oh, and Happy Canada Day!)

God save the Queen!

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