My Favourite Comic Strip

(Re-posted from Notes from Katia — Originally Posted on April 12, 2011)

Ben, by Daniel Shelton

Sample strips: (from

This comic is Canadian, and has been going since at least 2002.  It can be found updated daily at and

It features main characters Ben and Olivia Hatley (who are retirees), as well as their dog Max, their daughter Patty, their son-in-law Nathan, and their school-aged grandchildren: Nicholas, Michael, Alec, and Mia.  The latter family is based somewhat on the cartoonist’s own family.

It’s a lot of fun, some tears, and mostly based on daily hijinks.  The cast sort of feel like relatives or neighbours — very relatable.  Also, one doesn’t really have to follow a storyline, although their are the occasional plot threads.  While some of them discuss technology, a lot of the strips are timeless — kids and a dog playing in leaves, for example.  It’s also not shy to touch on serious issues in as humourous a way possible.  Themes are revisited, such as seasons, gardening, marriage, etc.

All in all, I really love this strip.  It is funny, quirky, and endearing.  Everyone is rather lovable.

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