Katy is BACK!

After a rather long hiatus (during which time I really did want to share things…alas…a case of the mind being willing but the flesh being weak), Katy Konservativ is back!

No longer restricted to course materials, I have many things to write about.  The focus of this blog is still going to be primarily movies and books, but I’ll be branching out from time to time.  I will be consolidating my other two blogs into this one, so some new posts will be old ones in the near future.

As an aside, having re-watched the DVD version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II, I can say that though the film was beautiful and well-executed, that segment from where Neville makes his big speech to Voldemort until the point where (okay, SPOILER ALERT) Harry kills Voldemort still bothers me.  It just doesn’t taste right or sit well with me.  The filmmakers really decided to go for the cinematics rather than the heart of the story on this.  Still, I don’t imagine I won’t like re-watching the film again.  I have yet to evaluate the film’s ending on its own merit.

On the other hand, now I have moved on to The Hunger Games, so stay tuned!

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