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Targeted Information…

In the world of Facebook ads customized for us… (comic credits: Dan Shelton, This scenario is actually both scary and amusing.  In some ways, it would be nice if all advertising was customized to us.  We would not have … Continue reading

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My Favourite Comic Strip

(Re-posted from Notes from Katia — Originally Posted on April 12, 2011) Ben, by Daniel Shelton Sample strips: (from This comic is Canadian, and has been going since at least 2002.  It can be found updated daily at reading

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Deleted Scenes

I was reading recently that the director of The Hunger Games film did not want to include deleted scenes on the DVD.  Whether he was referring to making an extended special edition sometime in the future (not really necessary for … Continue reading

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Katy is BACK!

After a rather long hiatus (during which time I really did want to share things…alas…a case of the mind being willing but the flesh being weak), Katy Konservativ is back! No longer restricted to course materials, I have many things … Continue reading

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