Teen Nonfiction Website Links

Here are the links that were in my presentation on nonfiction for young adults in LIS 9364 earlier today.  Thank-you for a great discussion and I hope you found our information useful.

Author Marc Aronson’s website: http://www.marcaronson.com

Resources for Reader’s Advisory:

ALA Wiki List: http://wikis.ala.org/professionaltips/index.php/Readers%27_Advisory_for_Children_and_Young_Adults

YALSA’s Book Awards and Booklists

Specifically mentioned books:
*Fraser. Elizabeth. Reality Rules! A Guide to Teen Nonfiction Reading Interests. by Elizabeth Fraser. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2008.
*Cole, Pam B. Young Adult Literature in the 21st Century. Burr Ridge, Ill.: McGraw Hill, 2009.
*Herald, Diana Tixier. Teen Genreflecting: A Guide to Reading Interests. 2nd ed. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2003. Includes Appendix III: Genre Fiction for Reluctant Readers.
*VOYA Nonfiction Honour lists

Awards and Honours Information: (from presentation by Katherine Gilks and Jenica Veenstra, 2011)

Though not dedicated specifically to nonfiction works, these awards and recognition for children’s or young adult literature could technically be awarded to either nonfiction or fiction works

-Printz Award
-Best Books for Young Adults from YALSA

For a long time, there were very few awards given to any nonfiction books, let alone young adult nonfiction.

*1976 The Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards
*1977 The Society of Children’s Book Writers
These awards are not specifically for Young Adult nonfiction, but their introduction paved the way for more awards for nonfiction such as. . .
*2000 – Association of Library Service for Children’s Robert F. Sibert Medal for the best informational book published in English
*2010 –YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction of Young Adults
*The Alex Awards from YALSA
*VOYA Nonfiction Honour lists
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4 Responses to Teen Nonfiction Website Links

  1. Rhea F. says:

    There were two books listed on the Marc Aronson slide that you credited with getting the information from there. I was wondering if you could list those as well as they looked like they might be useful as well.

    • katiamarieka says:

      Sugar Changed the World: A Story of Spice, Magic, Slavery, Freedom, and Science


      Marc Aronson and Marina Budhos (Clarion)

      For more information see the Speaking and School Visits Page. Sugar is a common supermarket item today, but Marc and his wife the novelist Marina Budhos argue in this book that it was a prime mover of world history – and that following the trail of sugar entirely changes how you understand everything from the medieval hunger for spices to the story of the African slave trade, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution., and even the odyssey of overseas Indians that led directly to Gandhi and the idea of Satyagraha.

      Over 70 archival illustrations and 4 maps; Note: Watch for bonus sugar music and dance materials coming soon here.

      Get More Information on: “Sugar Changed the World: A Story of Spice, Magic, Slavery, Freedom, and Science”

    • katiamarieka says:

      Unsettled: The Problem Of Loving Israel

      by Marc Aronson
      Ginee Seo Books

      A deeply personal investigation of an extremely complex moral, political and religious issue by an author whose love for and attachment to the state of Israel is tempered by his commitment to justice for all. Israel was born out of the guilt and shame of a world that did little to rescue the six million Jews annihilated in Europe. Both a soul-searching personal essay and a fact-filled history, this slim volume is as even-handed an explanation of the Gordian knot that is Israel/Palestine as one is likely to find. (notes, bibliography) (Nonfiction. 12 & up) — A starred Kirkus review

    • katiamarieka says:

      See my comments for information on the two books that are on the Marc Aronson slide! Let me know if you want more information.

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